1.  Name, name of firm, location and practice areas.

Tina Marie Hilton; Clerical Advantage Virtual Online Technology Assistance

I’m a Virtual Assistant providing attorneys and business creatives assistance with technology based services. Examples of some services provided: Creating PowerPoint presentations, blog assistance, WordPress website creation and/or assistance, document conversion/formatting

2. Name 3 to 5 of the most important or frequently used software (desktop or cloud) products in your practice and describe, briefly, how you use them?

WordPress– It’s what I consider to be the best framework for a business website with great SEO benefits and ability to integrate a business blog.

PowerPoint – I use this presentation software to create presentations for clients as well as creating my own information presentations.  Slideshows don’t need to be boring and PowerPoint allows for ample creativity.

Adobe Acrobat Pro–  From compiling documents to creating e-books, Adobe Acrobat helps me provide my clients with document conversion and compilation.

Freshbooks–  Simple, powerful and in the cloud, it allows me to handle all of my invoicing quickly and easily.

Headway Theme for WordPress–  Headway allows me to create WordPress based websites  that are unique and easily customized.

3.  What’s your favorite tech tool under $100?

ScribeSEO plugin for WordPress– this plugin for WordPress sites allows me to increase the SEO of pages and posts as I’m creating them and I would be lost without it.  At $27 a month, the increase in traffic to the websites I’ve used it on makes it well worth the price.

4.  Name on favorite app for phone or ipad.

Evernote–  This little app gives me access to information and notes on my computer, netbook and PalmPre.

5.  What do you use for legal research?

I don’t do legal research as part of my services, but I do know virtual paralegals that speak of Jenkins Law Library and Lexis.

6.  And…off tech…what’s the neatest and/or most useful piece of non-tech swag that you keep on your desk or in your briefcase?

If it has to be on my desk it would be my coffee cup…but it’s actually my Keurig brewer (not on my desk) that lets me fill that cup with amazing coffee in under a minute, one cup at a time.