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Law Firm Tech Bio: Robert Cashman; Houston, Texas and New York Lawyer

1.  Name, name of firm, location and practice areas. Robert Z. Cashman; Cashman Law Firm, PLLC; Houston, Texas; and New York Areas of Practice: 1) Foreclosure Defense, Bankruptcy.  2) Patent Law, Patent Litigation, Trademarks, Licensing.  3) Protecting internet downloaders against accusations of illegal file-sharing and copyright violations based on their use of the torrent protocol.

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Law Firm Tech Bio: Eric L. Mayer, Overland Park, KS Lawyer

1.  Name, name of firm, location and practice areas. Eric L. Mayer, Attorney-at-Law; Web: Blog:; Location: Wherever I happen to be in the world (but based in Overland Park, Kansas) Practice Area: Military Criminal Defense and Military Claims

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Law Firm Tech Bio: Tina Marie Hilton; Conover, NC Virtual Assistant

1.  Name, name of firm, location and practice areas. Tina Marie Hilton; Clerical Advantage Virtual Online Technology Assistance I’m a Virtual Assistant providing attorneys and business creatives assistance with technology based services. Examples of some services provided: Creating PowerPoint presentations, blog assistance, WordPress website creation and/or assistance, document conversion/formatting

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More On Technology Taking Us Back to the Future

Dr. Brest Rosenblum runs a solo family practice in  Aspinwall, Pennsylvania, that hearkens back to the days before healthcare, like law, became a business.   When Dr. Rosenblum’s patients arrive at the office, he greets them in the waiting room and takes down their intake information himself. After hours, when Dr. Rosenblum isn’t available, his patients…

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How the Work-Life Balance Advocates Do A Disservice To Women Lawyers

[Updated as of 10 am] For years, Deborah Epstein Henry, author of the just-released book, Law and Reorder , Cynthia Calvert of the Project for Attorney Retention and others have been pushing large law firms to offer part-time and other flexible employment arrangements to retain women. And if the results of the fifth annual report…

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MyShingle Fashion: Stylish Shells

Winter is fast approaching, despite the mild temperatures stretching across parts of the country, and that means it’s time to pull out the wool or lined suits. And with lined suits come the light, silky, delicate little shells, because if you wear anything else underneath, you run the risk of offending the court with rather…

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7 Ways Practice Management will Help You Get a Head Start in 2018

When you’re able to accomplish more in less time, everyone wins. Your clients will get more for each billable hour they invest in you, and you’ll make more money. A lot more. Consider this: If a lawyer, who charges $365 an hour (the median rate for a consumer law attorney[1]), bills one extra hour per week, they will earn an additional $18,980 annually.