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Law Firm Tech Bio: Lewis Roberts, Orland Beach, FL Lawyer

lewis roberts

1. Name, name of firm, location and practice areas.

Lewis Roberts, Lewis Roberts, PA, Attorneys at Law, Ormond Beach, FL (Central Florida) – consumer bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, real estate, wills and trusts, general consumer matters

2. Name 3 to 5 of the most important or frequently used software (desktop or cloud) products in your practice and describe, briefly, how you use them?

Best Case for bankruptcy petitions,

I Got Notices for management of bankruptcy notices,

gmail for office mail and calendar,

Freshbooks for billing

3. What’s your favorite tech tool under $100?

I am test driving VOIP phones from Fonality (haven’t decided to purchase yet), but it seems the service is easy to use and customize.

4. Name on favorite app for phone or ipad.

Hearts – I love to play cards, which seems to be a dying art/pastime, so it is a quick way to get my mind off something or to waste time waiting for something else.

5. What do you use for legal research?

Google, NACBA, Bankruptcy Boot Camp, and SOLOSEZ listservs; free Fastcase from NACBA, Florida Statutes online.

6.  And…off tech…what’s the neatest and/or most useful piece of non-tech swag that you keep on your desk or in your briefcase?

Simple financial calculator for figuring monthly payments with interest; listening to Sirius radio at the desk, or the needlepoint of my law school hanging over my desk (my mom did the needlepoint) that gets comments from clients.