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Law Firm Tech Bio: Daniel X. Nguyen, Orange County, CA Lawyer

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1. Name, name of firm, location and practice areas.

Daniel X. Nguyen, Law Office of Daniel X. Nguyen—Business  Real Estate, Trademarks & Copyrights, Estate Planning

2. Name 3 to 5 of the most important or frequently used software (desktop or cloud) products in your practice and describe, briefly, how you use them?

Clio Practice – helps me management my caseload and billing.

Google Apps – helps me management my mail, appointments (Google Calendar), and collaborate on projects (Google Docs)

Outright – Helps me automate my accounting and taxes so I’m not pulling my hair out on April 14.

Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 – Use it to extract, add pages and create PDFs. Redact sensitive information

3. What’s your favorite tech tool under $100?

Logitech Anywhere Mouse – I can use it on glass!

4. Name on favorite app for phone or ipad. –I can access my files on my phone.

5. What do you use for legal research?

A combination of everything; Westlaw, Lexis, Google scholar, blogs

6.  And…off tech…what’s the neatest and/or most useful piece of non-tech swag that you keep on your desk or in your briefcase?

The RECEIVED stamp!

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