For the Dead of Winter: Merino Wool Sweaters!

It’s mid-January, and those of us not lucky enough to live in warmer climates still have much of winter left to brave. This means snow and sleet and wind and just general, frigid miserableness.

If you’re like me (a woman), you are cold all the time. There’s no shame in it, ladies: Scientists recently discovered that all women everywhere, no matter what, are always cold. We can’t help it. It’s just how nature works, beautiful, in its way. Except if you’re a sniffling, sneezing, shivering mess.

That’s why I love merino wool sweaters. When I’m tracking down a new sweater for these miserable winter days in the Windy City, I always check the label and go with the merino wool. The fibers are woven in a certain way to create a little pocket of space that captures and holds on to body heat, and the sweaters are just so warm and cozy as a result.

Here are some of my favorite merino wool sweaters, in varying price ranges, so you’re not caught awkwardly trying to warm your hands on the coffee maker at work.

$88 (more colors)

I love this color – it’s perfect for brightening up ugly, grey, gloomy days. Plus, I like the kind of boxy shape of it, and how it flares out a little bit at the waist.

$112.19 (more colors)

How gorgeous is this?! It’s available in black and navy and I just adore how it’s asymmetrical, and the ruffly details up top. Also, wow, has that model been Photoshop’d. It’s like they’re not even trying to hide it.


Argyle will never not be awesome. I have a sweater exactly like this, and one thing I’m mindful of when I wear it is to remember the feminine details in my outfit. I wear it with heels, not flats, and slip on some jewelry even though I usually try to avoid those baubles and trinkets. I don’t like things on my hands or arms or around my neck. But argyle is traditionally pretty masculine, and menswear-inspired pieces like this pretty sweater need to be worn a certain way so that the masculine effect isn’t too harsh.

$49 (more colors)

Simple enough, right? Personally, I don’t like turtlenecks, but I do love this color.


Here’s a more reasonably priced option from Ann Taylor. A gorgeous color, two cute little pockets, fitted sleeves, and all the comfort of a cardigan. Fool-proof and cozy.

$29.80 (more colors)

A super cost-effective option! This is a 100% merino wool cardigan from Forever21. Yes. Forever21. This is a great work-drawer cardigan: a sweater that you just keep stashed at work, that goes with everything, and you can pull out and throw on whenever a draft seeps in through the windows.


I love shawl cardigans. They’re so low-key and cozy and make me feel like I’m all swaddled up in a blanket. I wish. If only it was socially and professionally acceptable to bring a blankie to work.


I like stripes. I particularly like the neutral tone of this striped cardigan. One of these days I’m going to (correctly) mix prints and stripes, possibly using this sweater. So many great possibilities, if done correctly.


What a gorgeous color. I particularly like the little puff sleeves – I think those are always so adorable.


Come on, how fun is this?! I actually really like the print, and the use of that warm yellow played off the purple and grey. Pretty cute.

And there we have a collection of awesome merino wool sweaters; I hope you found something you liked.

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