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DLAPiper’s $200k Cover Charge Part II: Ethics Issues

This morning, I posted about DLAPiper’s $200k minimum annual billing cover charge for clients. But after a couple of conversations, I’ve gotten to wondering how DLAPiper can enforce this minimum charge without running afoul of ethics requirements. For example, what happens if DLAPiper estimates that defending Company X in a major lawsuit will cost $250,000,…

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Solos Can Provide Cover to DLA Piper Clients Who Can’t Pay Its $200k Cover

So, last week’s big blogosphere news was that the DLAPiper, the world’s largest law firm has announced a mandatory minimum $200,000 annual cover charge for clients. New clients unwilling to commit to spending $200,000 annually on fees won’t be served, while existing clients who don’t meet the minimum billings requirement may be asked to leave.…

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Not Much to Say About Women Speaking Up

There’s a post by Staci Zaretsky up at Lawyerist asking why Women Lawyers Are Silencing Themselves Staci concludes that irrespective of what most women do, she’d rather be labeled a bitch than be silent. Jessie Kornberg, the executive director of Ms. JD also suggests that women are caught between a rock and a hard place:…

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MyShingle Round Up News

You’ve probably noticed my postings have been light as of late. For better or worse, I have just been so, so busy with all kinds of projects – many that involve quite a bit of writing – so that I have not been able to make the time for MyShingle. I believe that the weight…

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