MyShingle Fashion: A Classic Grey Suit

I know that I normally try to bring in a lot of colors and textures and all that when I create outfits for this feature, but sometimes I like to go back to basics and work with grey and black. There’s just something so simple and elegant about that combination – it just works.

For today, I picked a skirt suit to feature. I still remember how one reader had a biiiiiig problem with the skirt suit I chose for my first post here at MyShingle. To this day I’m not really sure what the problem was; I just remember that apparently it was horrible that I put up a skirt suit for an interview outfit. It was the worst thing anyone did in the history of ever!

Well, the horrors of history are repeating themselves. Here’s what I came up with for today:

Tahari by ASL Grey Houndstooth Suit ………. $159.98
Black Origami Pleat Top in Black ………. $34.85
Rampage Nikki Pump in Black ………. $29.95
Resin and Shell Necklace in Blue ………. $16.95

I love Macy’s sale section – they always have a great sale going on, and I can always find a ton of pieces to use in their sale section, and in a good variety of sizes, too. At a lot of stores, if you check out the sale items, you’ll find tops in XXXXXS and shoes in Size 12. Most of us can’t fit into either of those things.

But this grey houndstooth skirt suit (yes, that’s the price for the skirt and the jacket) is available in a wide range of sizes, so I’m fairly certain you’ll be able to find yours.

Bluefly is my go-to place to find pretty but work appropriate dresses, and it’s great for tops, too. This pretty origami/rosette top comes in several different colors, so feel free to swap them out if you don’t like my pick, but like I said, today I’m just digging the black and grey combination.

I considered going with purple pumps or olive green ones (both are under-rated options that go with basically every other color) but in the end just went with black to keep up with my color scheme. I just like how polished black and grey always look.

To add some color, I picked a blue necklace from NY&Co that is sparkly and will fit nicely in that pocket of space created by the neckline of the top. And there we have a perfectly office and court appropriate look that comes in under $250!