MyShingle Fashion: Comfy Clothes, Fancy Flats

Most of my dress pants are hemmed for heels – they’re a bit longer and look great with my pumps and drag on the floor under my feet if I’m not wearing shoes. But for days when I have to dress up but just don’t want to deal with heels, I’m very thankful for my black dress pants that are shorter and tailored to be worn with flats.

And the great thing about black dress pants is that they dress up a top that should probably be worn with jeans. Pair the two and throw in some shoes and you still fit the business-casual mold. The best part? Still being comfortable!

Being comfortable is a big deal to me, since I’m the genius that often falls asleep randomly during the day in inappropriate places like the classroom … or a bench in the courtroom … or during a particularly long elevator ride.

It gets awkward.

And I’ve found that flats and a soft, comfy top are much better suited to my admittedly odd sleep schedule than, say, heels and a crisp button down with – gasp! – a collar.

That’s what I was thinking about when I put together today’s outfit. Let’s take a look:

Classic Peasant Henley in White ………. $58
Neema Bryanne Pant ………. $79
Ballet Flats in Red ………. $69
Resin & Shell Necklace in Medium Pink ………. $16.95

These pants are short, totally hemmed for flats, and they look super comfortable. Plus, they’re black, so they’re versatile and will go with all the millions of shells and blouses you’ve already got in your closet. You really can’t go wrong with a pair of black pants.

I paired the pants with this top from Anthropologie. I love Anthropologie pieces because they are generally really comfortable and light with pretty, feminine details.

For the shoes, I just wanted something fun and different, so I went with these flats with the colorful floral print. That’s what I love about black and white outfits – you can go crazy with the accessories and add a nice pop of color, like with these flats and the matching necklace I threw in.

This is a great outfit for work, considering most of you work in smaller firms and don’t need to wear monkey suits on most out-of-court days. Plus, chances are, you’re running around a little during the day anyway and need something comfortable, but still a couple steps above jeans and a tee.