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What You Don’t Know About Solo Practice – Recording Available

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Earlier this month, I gave a free webinar on What You Don’t Know About Solo Practice Can Hurt You: Why You Should Consider Starting a Law Firm and How to Do It, 21st Century Style. There were a couple of audio problems during the call, so I’ve re-taped it and you can access it at this link.

A couple of caveats. This talk grew out of the twice yearly talks that I give to law students at American University’s Washington College of Law. So it’s largely aimed at people who are not familiar with solo practice at all and harbor many myths or misconceptions. The first half of the recording tries to dispel those myths in an effort to encourage those who want to be lawyers, but haven’t found employment or have been fired from their job, to at least consider the solo option. The second half of the recording runs through some the options for getting started – where to locate, generalize v. specialize and use of free products to start a practice – and analyzes the pros and cons of each. There’s not much discussion about planning, marketing or even how to acquire the substantive skills you need because that’s not the point of the presentation – though I’m happy to do any follow ups if there’s interest.

As I make clear on the tape, I’m not trying to force you to start a practice because it may not be right for you. But I do think that those who view starting a firm as an insurmountable hurdle, or who love the law, but nonetheless are thinking about leaving because they can’t find employment, need to know that solo practice is at least, a viable option.

  • This presentation is absolutely terrific. Cogent, clear, and persuasive.

  • REO

    Thank you for putting this up online. It’s very inspiring and reassuring for those of us posed to leap.

  • Mike Moore

    This is really great. Both practical and inspiring. Amazing value to be able to piggyback on another lawyer’s experience like this.

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