MyShingle Fashion: A Suiting Look That Goes Both Ways

It’s no secret by now that I’m a big fan of comfortable outfits. Even when I’m wearing a monkey suit, I’m always trying to make it somehow comfortable for me. For example, I don’t wear heels that are too high – or I wear a suit with pants that have been hemmed for flats, if I feel I can get away with that. I wear a top that is perfectly acceptable on its own, should I choose to ditch the jacket for a while. All of these little adjustments make me feel more comfortable, and I’m a big fan of that.

During moot court, for example, (yes, please indulge the law school scenario – I am, after all, still a law student) I spent a good part of the day at my cigar bar in the city, preparing for arguments (rather, goofing off) there because I just couldn’t handle the law library anymore. To anyone that saw me, I was just a young woman wearing black pants and a colorful top with sensible heels. But when I slipped into my suit jacket – and misted myself with Febreeze, I suppose – I looked like any other cookie-cutter young lawyer out there.

This is all a fancy, rambling way of saying that I can’t stand suit jackets, and I like comfortable, breathable tops that look appropriate and professional all on their own (rather than, say, like a camisole with suit pants) so that I can ditch the jacket and still look somewhat decent.

So for today, I put together half of a suit. It’s comfortable and pretty, and if you slip on your suit jacket, you’re all set for court. It’s not rocket science, just low-maintenance.

T. Tahari Drape Neck Top ………. $38
Stretch Bootcut Pants in Modern Black ………. $41.94
Women’s Echo Pump in Black ………. $49.95
Kate Spade Bracelet ………. $42

Call me crazy, but I like trousers with a little bit of stretch in them. Sure, there are stretchy trousers that look a bit too informal for our line of work, but there are plenty of options out there where the stretch factor is barely noticeable, but the fit is still stretchy and comfortable. These from the Limited seem to fit the bill nicely.

I paired them with this adorable drape neck top that I’m sure is just absolutely flattering on most body types. The color is so bright and bold and pretty, I couldn’t resist. It’s got short sleeves but will look fine on its own if you’re stepping out to run errands or just running around the office, but, of course, throw a suit jacket on it and you’re ready to go to court in an instant.

I went with black leather pumps for the shoes, obviously, because I still wanted this to be a monkey suit look, but the heel is pretty reasonable. Either that, or my feet will exact their revenge in about twenty years for parading about in much higher ones. But I do think that 3″ heels are pretty reasonable for most women – you get the height but they’re not all that difficult to walk around in.

I found this gorgeous bracelet at the Kate Spade site. I absolutely love Kate Spade jewelry and that bright, colorful bracelet is no exception. It adds the perfect bit of color to accompany the top, and it’s just lovely.

And there we have our half-a-monkey-suit look. Just add one suit jacket, and serve … your motions, of course.