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Avoiding S**tlaw Jobs

In Part I of this post, I highlighted the kind of unsavory freelance assignment that even struggling solo and small firm lawyers should pass right by. In this second part, I’ll describe some of the red flags that should tip you off to a scam-job. Is the assignment posted on Craigslist or an online freelance…

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FREE 6 Hour Tutorial on Starting A Law Firm…and Much More!

Today is my birthday and as a present to myself, I’ve finally relaunched and supplemented the free materials originally posted on before it abruptly shut down in December (one of the drawbacks of a free service). These materials represent the first phase of a broader suite of offerings (also free) that I’ll roll out…

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How Do You Know When It’s Time to Go

According to this recent New York Times article on easing out the older generation of lawyers, the shelf life of a solo practitioner is 70 or 80 years old compared to 60 or 65 at big law. Even so, who wants to linger on past their prime like the party guest who wouldn’t leave?  I…

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Review of Bryan A. Garner’s LawProse Seminars – by Roger Traversa

Editor’s Note: For legal and appellate writers, Bryan Garner’s seminars are renowned. Not only is Garner respected by, and popular with lawyers, but he apparently commands enough respect by the Supreme Court Justices that they willingly shared with Garner their writing secrets. But how do Garner’s writing seminars stack up? I’ve seen them advertised before…

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An Open Letter to “Content” Writers: Pay Me $1500 And I’ll Publish You

Recently, I’ve been receiving daily emails like this one: Hi Carolyn, My name is Mary and I’m a writer for (http:[omitted]. I’ve been following your blog lately, and because we write on similar topics, I thought you’d be interested in a recent article we published, “20 Alternative Jobs For Law School Grads”. If you think…

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Accidental Entrepreneurs

Can you start your own firm if you’re not entrepreneurially inclined? A few months back, I said yes. And now, as added confirmation, here’s an article from CNN about accidental entrepreneurs – folks who never intended to start their own businesses but wound up succeeding beyond their wildest dreams. Take the story of Terri Urbash,…

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Fashion Help For Solo Lawyers – And Seeking Help for Lifestyle Columns

Not sure about what to wear to a CLE or your summer internship or to argue a motion in court? As you know, our intrepid law student columnist (now-buried-in-finals) Huma Rashid has been covering the fashion beat for MyShingle for almost a year. But if you need more personalized advice about specific outfits, now you…

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