Fashion Help For Solo Lawyers – And Seeking Help for Lifestyle Columns

Not sure about what to wear to a CLE or your summer internship or to argue a motion in court? As you know, our intrepid law student columnist (now-buried-in-finals) Huma Rashid has been covering the fashion beat for MyShingle for almost a year. But if you need more personalized advice about specific outfits, now you can find it online at Go Try It On . You simply take a photo of what you’re wearing and upload it to the site, and you’ll receive instant feedback. Notwithstanding that I’m at least two decades older than the predominate age of the users, it seems like it might be interesting to try out.

And speaking of try outs – MyShingle is interested in adding one or two additional columnists – either on a recurring or occasional basis – on lifestyle activities — travel, restaurant or coffee house reviews, cooking, wine and recipes — all with an eye toward solo and small firm lawyers (so, cooking include recipes for a law firm party, or quick affordable dinners, or packable lunches; reviews of places to eat would be with an eye towards appropriateness for meeting with clients or colleagues). If you’re interested, let me know – law students and all lawyers (solo or not) are welcome to apply.
If you prefer to blog about substantive issues, you’re always welcome to submit a piece.