MyShingle Fashion: Pulling Off Wide Leg Pants

That sounds a little odd, doesn’t it? I promise, this post is not about disrobing. It’s about pulling off a rather challenging look: the wide leg pants. Wide leg pants add width to the body, and so you run the risk of wearing a not-so-flattering outfit. Not so terrible in the grand scheme of things, sure, but who wants to look square and wide?

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to make this work. Let’s take a look at what I did.

Hudson Wide Leg Pants in Grey ………. $29.99
Jersey Top ………. $38
Ralph Lauren Vella Pump in Black ………. $98
Necklace ………. $30.17
Gem Magnet Bangle in Jet ………. $38

I kept the colors simple and classic, so it’s easy to see what we’re doing. These pants are from NY&Co, and are wide leg as opposed to just a wide flare. Since the wide leg pant that is wide through the whole leg is actually a kind of severe, a good way to soften that look is to just make the pant have a wide flare instead. It can work for different body types, since pants that are wide through the whole leg usually look good on those that are tall and slim. But not always.

A good way to make the wide leg pants work is to choose a sleek, close fitting top that hits preferably at the mid hip, like this jersey top in that rich, deep purple. Leave those loose, billowy, or banded tops in the closet, ladies. Pick something close-fitting to define your upper half.

Another way to elongate the body is to add a long necklace. I went with this black and silver rope necklace, and just threw in a bracelet for the heck of it. It matched.

And, of course, we have to talk about shoes. Go with something tall: a pump with a nice heel. Three inches should do it. That’s where these pretty Ralph Lauren pumps come in.

Wearing wide leg pants with a sleek top, heels, and possibly a long necklace is a great way to make them work for whatever your body type is.