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Diving for Lawyers

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I’m a big fan of DIY networking groups. Not that there’s anything wrong with bar associations or business networking groups, but when you start your own association, you can tailor it to your interests. In fact, if you’re interested in how to set up a group yourself, you can check out the materials up over in the online files.

Or, you can check out this piece about a Florida lawyer, Bob Kelley who started the Dive Bar, a group for Scuba Diving lawyers.The group takes trips and offers certification and refresher courses.

You might think that a recreational group won’t offer many networking opportunities, but that’s not necessarily the case. After all, lawyers want to do business with colleagues they like – and the best way to get to know other lawyers is through enjoyable activities, outside the workplace.

So if you’ve had it with boring bar events or social media overload, why not organize movie-watching club, doggie get together or running group for you and other lawyers within your community. Even if you don’t come away with business, at least you’ll have fun.

  • Megan C. Hunt

    A group of friends and I have sort of done this.  Most of us are lawyers (with a few non-lawyer friends or significant others thrown in) and we meet for happy hour every Thursday at a place that has happy hour prices all night — allows us all to work a little later and still have happy hour 🙂 It never gets crazy, but it is a fun way to unwind near the end of the week.

  • Nick

    Hi. The link to the “online files” above ( requires a password. Do you know the password? Thanks!

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