MyShingle Fashion: Another Look Featuring the Year-Round Cardigan

After a well deserved hiatus, our fashion columnist, Huma Rashid is back.  Celebrate!  Send her emails! Go out and shop for end of summer and fall!  And, if you have a lifestyle column – on travel, sports, restaurants, movies, stuff to do with friends or kids or whatever fun activity floats your boat, drop me an email at and let me know!

My last two posts featured the Year Round Cardigan from Eddie Bauer, and I illustrated two different ways to wear it to work. Today I’m back to do it all over again – and this time with pants. I’ve used that cardigan with a skirt and with a dress, and now it’s time for a look that is – at least, for me – a little more comfortable. I just feel that I’m able to move around so much more easily in pants as opposed to a dress or skirt. Perhaps it’s just that I’m more conscious of the fact that I’m wearing a dress or a skirt (and because of that, uncomfortable) than I am when I’m wearing pants.

I’m aware that what I just said makes little sense.

Still, that won’t stop me from offering up an outfit with pants and our familiar cardigan. Since my last two posts, the particular cardigan that I used has been sold out, so I’m using the same one, but in a different color.

Year-Round Cardigan in Sea Foam ………. $29.99
Banana Republic Martin Fit Sleek Trouser in Black ………. $69.50
Classiques Ruffle Trim Top ………. $44.97
Michael Kors Reversible Belt in Silver ………. $38
Calvin Klein Ashley Pumps in Black Leather ………. $98

Polished and professional – and best of all? Simple. I went with these great black pants I found at Banana Republic, and paired them with a ruffly white top that went really well with the sea foam cardigan (that used to be a beige/oatmeal color before it sold out). I added a silver belt for some shine and fun (it’s reversible!) and finished off the look with classic black leather pumps with a heel height of three inches. Heels just keep getting higher and higher, don’t they? I mean, I’m a half inch over five feet, downright diminutive, and need all the help I can get in the height department, but at the same time, I don’t want to be practicing law in twenty years, tottering around the office in six inch spikes.

That would just be unpleasant.