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MyShingle Fashion: How To Dress Like a French Woman: A Collection of Sheath Dresses

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Bonjour, readers! Ça roule?

Last time, I shared a keep-it-simple outfit featuring a sheath dress and heels. Unfortunately, the sheath dress was grey. Well, that’s not unfortunate, exactly. There’s nothing wrong with a grey dress. It’s just that it’s … well … Ça ne casse rien.

So today, I’m going to share a bunch of work appropriate, clean, simple, sleek sheath dresses in an array of lovely colors.

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See? I was true to my word. I’ve got tons of sheath dresses here, some solid and some printed, and all of them in bright colors. Except that tan/ivory one. But I thought that one was cute, so I slapped it on up there, too.

Surely those of you who might have been a bit bored with the grey dress from last time can find something here that strikes you as being more typical of your style.

Ceci dit, chacun son goût!

  • eplawyer

    Oh man, the Jade and Cobalt dresses are sold out.

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