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End of Summer Sessions at MyShingle

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Typically, the end of the summer brings with it downtime for my practice, as most of the agencies and Congress here in DC shut down and many clients take vacation. Many years, the lull has worried me but after a crazy summer, I’m hopeful for a respite. Plus, it’s given me an opportunity to put together four “end of summer sessions” with four different strategic initiatives that you can incorporate into your practice: ebooks, teleseminars and webinars, starting a trade association and building your own networking group. There’s a cost for each of the programs, but it’s modest and each session will include supplemental information and resource links, as well as identification of ethics red flags attendant to each approach (there’s a reason for that emphasis in light of recent events which I’ll discuss in an upcoming post when I’m back from travel – I’m at Colorado Solo/Small Firm through Friday).

For additional information, about these programs, either visit the link in the sidebar or click here.

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