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Online Guide on Starting A Practice; Seeking More Input on Gift Guide

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Last month, I posted this form seeking information on your favorite gifts to give to clients and referral sources, as well as gifts that you’d like to receive. The topic of giving gifts versus sending thank yous generated some healthy discussion in the comments – and in fact, if a written note is your preferred gift, feel free to include it in the survey. Anyway, I’ve gathered a good response already, but I wanted to repost this to collect even more responses.

Likewise, I wanted to make sure that everyone has seen the revised Online Guide to Starting a Law Firm – you can get to it through its own URL, You’ll find many of my blog posts reorganized to follow a progression of the steps in starting a firm, as well as links to the free Six Hour Tutorial on starting a practice [you’ll need to register and grab the password] and freeOne Hour Webinar on busting the myths of solo practice. As bar results come trickling in and many new grads haven’t yet found work, it’s more important than ever to have access to tools that discuss the potential benefits of starting a firm and outline the steps for doing it.  By the way, if there are other materials or information that you might find useful, please let me know by email or in the comments.

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