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Some Conference Recommendations: NACBA, New York City Bar

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I don’t often make recommendations about conferences; there are so many to choose from and my readers’ tastes vary. Still, I’ve got to put in a good word for two different conferences. First, I attended my first ever NACBA (National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys) Conference last Friday, where I was invited to speak by my colleague, Jay Fleischman. The Conference offered a great mix of first rate skills along with a business and marketing track with lots of bankruptcy-specific practice tips. Jay and his colleague, Cathy Moran are also offering a bankruptcy workshop next week in Phoenix – I don’t know if there are still openings, but here’s the information.

For solos in the New York area, there’s a terrific event for solo and small firm lawyers that’s packed with information for both newbies as well as more experienced solo and small firm lawyers. Even better, you can’t find a better priced event even online – the program is a full day and includes lunch – and costs only $50 for non-New York City Bar members (half that for members). Even if you just attend to stand in the hallway and get to know other solos, it’s worth it for that price! The event is coming up soon, though – November 10, 2011 – to register, visit this link.

  • Info

    I am going to New York City Bar event. I heard good things about it.
    I recently hung a shingle. I want to thank you Carolyn for your great book and encouragement.

  • Anonymous

    I may have spoken at the event once as well as at a New York state bar event. Though perhaps as a member of the NY Bar, I’m biased, I have to say that both events – both the NY State and the NY City Bar event are first rate (though the NY State event is more expensive). With respect to the NY City event, I should add that I am often not a fan of vendor-taught courses. However, most of the vendors do not sell from the podium and are quite knowledgeable about trends and so it’s not as bad as some of those marketing programs where you pay $1000 only to have the speakers pitch product every second. Though true, having non-vendors might be preferable, there are some practicing lawyers on the panels as well to keep balance – and plus, the trade-off is the cost. Being able to attend a full day event like this for $25 or $50 is incredibly valuable.

    Carolyn Elefant

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