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Big Law to Your Law Teleconference and Ebook Available

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The 50 minute recording of last night’s Big law to Your law teleseminar (unfortunately aborted due to problems ony end) is available here Big Law to Your Law Recording. The accompanying slide deck is here  and the 40 page ebook (compilation of blog posts) is here. I realized after trying to squeeze everything into a short call that this topic deserves more coverage so stay tuned for future developments on this topic.

  • Dear Carolyn, 

    I would like to listen the recording, but cannot download it – I am geting an error message.Is it because I am trying to donload it from Brazil? – yes, you have Brazilian fans!Regards,

  • Hi Cris,
    I’m Carolyn’s virtual assistant, Tina. I just checked the link and it should be working now. If the link isn’t opening up a dialog box asking you if you want to download the file or listen with your media software(iTunes, etc.) try right clicking on the link and choosing to save it on computer that way. 
    Let me know if it still doesn’t work for you.