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Cash Mobs Put the Hype in Hyper Local Lawyering

This past summer, I twice spoke about how hyper-local lawyering can save solos from the demise-by-automation predicted by Richard Susskind in the End of Lawyers. The long arm of technology may be powerful but it lacks the dexterity to crack local markets as effectively as personal relationships. Plus, lawyers have traditionally acted as pillars of…

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Take My Advice: Look Before You Advise

A lawyer’s advice may be his stock in trade, to quote a famous solo, Abraham Lincoln. But today, the reverse is apparently true: “legaladvice” is nothing more than a trade name (and a generic one at best) for aspiring lawyerpreneurs to stock up on.At least, that seems to be the view held by two lawyer-preneurs…

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Is It Really Sayonara to Biglaw This Time?…

It’s been at least eight years and counting since I first started documenting the Biglaw to Small Law trend. Seven years of preaching over and over and over again, about the benefits that solo and small firms can bring to big firm clients, from lower costs to fewer conflicts to more personalized service to superior quality…

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MyShingle Follow Ups: Tech Choices & Business Cards

I’m looking forward to the 2012 ABA Tech Show where I’ll be covering various sessions relevant to solos, including cloud choices for solos and how solos can build a virtual team. If you have any other sessions that you’d like me to summarize on Friday or Saturday (I’ve got a conflict Thursday), please let me…

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The Start Ups That Give Access to Justice Are Already Here

Initially, I was excited when I saw this headline, Meet the startups that are giving everyone affordable access to justice. Great, I thought — an article that finally recognizes what solos — who are, after all, start-up lawyers – are doing to ensure that meaningful access to justice isn’t reserved for deep-pockets. But after a…

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Book Review: The Freelance Lawyering Manual

I wrote the foreword for Kimberly Alderman’s new book, the Freelance Lawyering Manual in the hopes that law firms on one hand, and unemployed attorneys and re-entering parents on the other will take a fresh look at freelance lawyering in the 21st century. Unlike most things in law — and life, freelance lawyering, represents a…

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MyShingle Update on the Virtual Fishbowl Project at Pinterest

Last week, I launched the virtual fishbowl project at MyShingle, essentially, an opportunity to submit your business card online and have it posted. The first batch of cards, received through mid-day last Friday have been posted, but there are another dozen or so on hold due to issues with the Pinterest upload application. As soon…

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