Preliminary Results In: Facebook Ads Don’t Seem to Work

Sometimes, a gut check works just as well as, or better than a guru.  More than two years ago, when Nolo  was a book publisher rather than a content source for  an marketing content provider, I blogged about whether lawyers should use Facebook to market a practice.  Ultimately, while I suggested that lawyers might play around with Facebook to see what kinds of results it might yield, I concluded that Facebook ads probably wouldn’t be very effective because after all, who wants to think about legal problems at a recreational site like Facebook.

Of course, this isn’t rocket science – and I suspect that most lawyers felt the same.  Turns out, too, that our guts were right:  a recent survey by Reuters concluded that four of five Facebook users have never bought a product or service as a result of advertising on the site.  The survey applied to all types of services and products; presumably the one of five who did buy weren’t purchasing professional services.

Bottom line: sometimes a gut works as well a marketing guru.