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Quick Proposals With Quote Robot

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With so many different online products and services available for potential use in practice, I generally don’t investigate them until I have a need. Make that a pressing need. I have been known to sign up for and learn to use a service just a couple of hours before I need it, which can wreak havoc if the platform isn’t user friendly.

A while back, I decided to submit a proposal for a policy paper.  I don’t write many these days because they’re time intensive, but this opportunity was too interesting to pass up.  But with a deadline approaching, I wanted to come up with something that would look impressive and could be formatted quickly and I was concerned that I hadn’t given my assistant enough lead time. So I decided to give Quote Robot – one of the programs I vetted for 21st Century Retainer Agreement  a try. I’d already given the proposal a good deal of thought so I was certain that I could write it quickly but I wasn’t certain that I’d have time to make it look nice.  Here’s a  mock-up of the result – it took me about 10-15 minutes to create the version that I used for my project.

What do you think? Is it something that would be useful for you?

  • Gene

    Seems as though  it serves the purpose. My concern is with the page to look more professional without the options provided to change font size etc… Does the app allow changing of templates or advanced tweaking of styles?

    If not, this is certainly a good start nevertheless. They are probably onto something here!

  • myshingle

    There are some customizable options. This is very quick and dirty and also a free version. Not sure about ability to add logo but you can customize colors and fonts

  • Vivian Rodriguez

    That’s interesting…thanks for sharing

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