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The Way of Life

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In just a few hours, my sweet Mira will step to the front of the synagogue on the occasion of her bat mitzvah.  Before family and friends, she will chant the parshat (Torah portion) where Moses speaks to the Jewish people for the last time before they cross the Jordan into Canaan. But Moses cannot accompany them on the journey even though he has lead them out of slavery and through 40 years. Instead, we learn that he will ascend Mt. Nebo to see the new land from a distance and then die.

Moses does not protest his fate — and why would he? It is of course, the way of life. As parents, we guide and lead our children. But at some point, we must step back as they embark on their own journeys to make a life for themselves.  As my daughter will begin to do today.

But for now, I’ll just savor Act II.

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