More on Coworking Options for Lawyers

A few months ago, I questioned whether the real estate market is keeping pace with solo needs.  But options are increasing, not just for entrepreneurs looking for co-working space, but lawyers as well.

For example, here’s an article about a Minneapolis attorney who’s now a co-working tenant after rejecting other options:

Minneapolis attorney K.M. Davis used to rent office space for his solo practice but said he felt lonely and “stifled.” He tried coffee shops but loathed their lack of privacy. Working at home didn’t work, either; he lacked a professional-looking meeting space and felt silly working in his jammies.
Then Davis happened upon a downtown Minneapolis “coworking” space called CoCo, and it was as if angels sang.
“I was in love from the moment I walked through the door,” said Davis, who now makes frequent use of the communal workspace with its dozens of laptop stations, cushy seating for impromptu meetings, dedicated “campsites” for work teams, separate conference areas for formal confabs and coffee — lots of coffee.

Don’t assume that co-working space is just for young lawyers, either.  A colleague of mine here in the D.C. who’s a regulatory attorney is really enjoying his co-working experience at a space filled with 20 and 30 somethings.  I like my current space too though it’s not a traditional co-working space too, it offers some of the same amenities.

If you have space available in your office and want to make it available for co-working or are looking for co-working space,  Deskwanted is a resource you might try.  Or you could post about your site here.