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If You’re Looking to Work Away From Your Home or Office, There May be a Desk Near You…

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Contrary to conventional wisdom, Starbucks isn’t the only salvo for home office lawyers in search of a cure for cabin fever.  Thanks to this neat little site,, lawyers who want a change of scenery from their current work environment, or who need a place to bill time while on the road or at an out-of-the-way courthouse can search for spots that have desks available for short term work.   I gave the site a quick test run using the DC-area as a sample, and while there aren’t many spots that were generated as a result of the search, I did learn of two possibilities –  a co-working space in downtown Alexandria with desks to rent by the day as well as the Arlington Public Library, which is wi-fi enabled and free of charge.  Landlords with over-capacity get a benefit too; they can  list space at no charge  on which  collects payment for the space and transfers it to the landlord less a 5% booking fee.

Would you ever use a site like to find or rent space? And if you have, what’s been your experience?  Please share your comments.

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