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My Shingle Gift Guide

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It’s December, the month in which a blogger’s fancy turns to holiday gift guides.  Last month, Reid Trautz published his 8th Annual Holiday Gift Guide, but you’ll find more ideas at Allison Shields’Legal Ease  gift guide  and tech-focused suggestions at Niki Black’s Sui Generis and a round-up of links to gift ideas by Jim Calloway.

As for me, here’s my gift: a while back I posted a survey seeking reader feedback on thank-you gifts for client and referrals – though these ideas work equally well for small holiday gifts as well. Scroll through and enjoy!

If the spreadsheet isn’t visible below click here to view.

Gift photo courtesy of Shutterstock

  • The headers of the first 15 columns are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (repeated 3 times). What data is in those columns?