MyShingle Will Pay THREE Readers $125 To Test Out Divorce Discourse/Lee Rosen’s Networking 101 Program

Regular readers know that MyShingle is all about original content, all the time, almost always authored by me rather than guest posters (though I’m always open to high-quality submissions).  But when a recent bout with the flu rendered me at less than full-capacity for over a week, I’ve had no choice but to revise my standards to keep the lights on here at MyShingle.  And so rather than original content, I’ve decided to refer you to an outstanding and detailed series on  Networking 101 published by recent ABA Blawg 100 Business of Law  category winner, Lee Rosen’s Divorce Discourse.

Of course, old habits die hard and I couldn’t quite bring myself to use my blog as a mere pass through for someone else’s content, notwithstanding the outstanding quality. So instead, I’ve decided to add a little twist by sponsoring a review program to test the effectiveness of Divorce Discourse’s networking program on the ground.  Of the expected results of networking, Lee  writes  (and I tend to agree) that:

 This is the point at which I should say something like this: networking is a time-consuming and lengthy process from which you shouldn’t expect immediate results. That’s what most writers and speakers on networking tell you early on in the discussion. They’re wrong.

Networking can—and usually does—have immediate results. You’ll often generate new clients from your networking activities in the first week or so of getting out and meeting new people. It’s always surprising to me how the first or second person you meet has a client, friend, or relative in need of your services. I’ve watched it happen time after time. You shouldn’t be disappointed if your networking takes a few weeks or months to pay off, but you’d better be prepared for new business to walk through the door immediately. It happens all the time.

But is it true in practice?  Let’s find out.  I am offering THREE MyShingle readers $125 each to follow Lee’s networking program and test out whether a week’s worth of lunches, breakfasts or coffees can make a real difference in business generation and your law firm’s bottom line.  The program works as follows:

1.  You must complete and submit this form by  January 23, 2013.  Participation is limited to lawyers in practices of 3 lawyers or less.  Note, you must have a PayPal or other electronic means  available to receive payments.

2.  I will select three participants, and two back-up candidates by January 28, 2013.  Selection will be solely at my discretion, but I will endeavor to select solo and small firm lawyers with a diverse range of backgrounds, experience levels, practice areas and geographic locations.

3.  Winners will receive their award at by January 25, 2013 so that money is available to fund networking lunches.

4.  Winners will receive specific instructions.  However, winners MUST be prepared to begin scheduling networking lunches by January 28, 2013 and MUST schedule all lunches or events for the month of February 2013.

5.  Winners will be obligated to write two blog posts, one at the midway point describing effectiveness of Rosen’s tips for scheduling lunches and one at the end of February reporting back on all networking activities and preliminary results. Winners will also be asked to complete a short survey down the line regarding the actual results of their activities.

6.  Winners may participate anonymously or with full attribution.

7.  Lee Rosen and Divorce Discourse are not affiliated with this contest in any way.  This is solely an effort of MyShingle to encourage readers to participate in an excellent program and to share results of effectiveness.  Funding for this project comes from the generous support of Rocket Matter for MyShingle.

8. Please send any questions to Carolyn Elefant at

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