Low-end Marketing Tip: Keep Your Digital Footprint Fingerprint Free

photoSometimes, the best marketing ideas cost the least amount of money.

Like trotting out a branded powerstrip  at a hearing or conference: it’s a way to connect by providing a useful service (a power outlet) and striking up a conversation in the process. Same with a laptop cover— a great icebreaker and potential business idea for another business owner or prospective client.

These days though, my latest low-end business development accessory is a pack of electronics wipes. As we spend more time using our ipads and iphones, they can pick up dirt, dust and remnants of lunch and kids (especially if like me, you’re inclined to share your devices with a pack of five and seven year old nephews and nieces) – which can be embarrassing if you later opt to share your screen with a client or business colleague. Likewise, colleagues may have the same problem – and offering up a pack of wipes (preferably branded is appreciated. ( Digicleans are also neat but slightly pricier).

I’m not suggesting that a clean tissue or a cup of coffee will make you a better lawyer or drive dozens of clients through the door. But these little things make peoples’ lives easier – and they matter more than we realize.

What’s your low-end secret. Share it below.