Huma Rashid doesn’t write here anymore because she’s too busy practicing as a criminal defense attorney for a small firm in Chicago. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t read her blog about what she’s doing now, especially this fresh post, Isn’t It Funny How Your Dreams Come True?.  Huma has a great career today, but for a while, she stopped dreaming; didn’t look up at those skyscrapers or think she might work in one as a lawyer one day.  But for some unknown reason, one day she had the courage to glance up once more – and the rest is history as she writes in her post.

Dreams, hope, vision – they’re what fuel solos and smalls to the finish line. Day to day, it’s hard work and doggedness that matter, but every so often, it’s important to take the time to dream about what you want your firm to accomplish or envision the legacy you want to leave behind. Don’t ever stop looking up at those skyscrapers.