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Small Helpings of Solo

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Sometimes, there’s simply not enough information to convert into a post – so here are some small bits on solos and smalls from round the media and blogosphere:

Sotomayor Remembers Solo

Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor didn’t spend much time in solo practice, but her experience certainly must have left an impression.  In a recent speech lamenting the lack of diversity on the bench Justice Sotomayor pointed out that judges rarely come from solo or small firm practice — and that adding judges from different backgrounds to the bench would increase the public confidence in the fairness of the hearing.

The Silent Partner in Your Practice

The most important partner in a solo or small firm practice is the one most often overlooked: the spouse, domestic partner or significant other. Yet these silent partners can make or break a law practice, as I describe here in my Above the Law column .

Be A Maine Street Lawyer

You don’t have to travel to the Heartland to take advantage of opportunities as a rural solo. With an aging bar and shortage of lawyers in rural areas, Maine is stepping up efforts to lure younger lawyers to the state, reports Maine Biz.

Future of Solo, Take Two

Lawyerist  carries a post on the future of solos and smalls, reaching many of the same conclusions that I did in this four-year old post.

Free Courses and Meet Ups

My Launching a Successful 21st Century Law Practice is receiving positive reviews at Udemy, with 436 students enrolled. Meanwhile, last week’s DC Meet Up  at the Logikcull  offices was a rousing success, with close to 60 people who turned up to hear Reid Trautz speak on remote law office practices. Hope to gear up for another one before the year ends, so stay tuned.

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