Food for Thought on Law Practice Trends, Part II

Just a day after I served up some Food for Thought on law practice trends, I stumbled across another food-oriented trend right here in my own backyard: the rise of fast and casual dining. As described in the article, fast and casual restaurants fall into “that category in between McDonald’s and Applebee’s, with an haute cuisine twist,” along with higher quality ingredients and usually, “some version of the proven Chipotle model, with an assembly line service model.

Many of the recent iteration of lawyer-client portals and match-maker services fall within the “fast and casual” niche. Based on the bios of the lawyers listed, these platforms appear to offer quality service, conveniently delivered. But you don’t have to join a platform to offer “fast and casual” service – you can also consider offering this level of service through your firm, as a lower cost alternative to full service.