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Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Responsive – Lawyers and Law Service

Mobile marketing is nothing new. Four years ago, I posted on the growing trend and the need for website redesign in a mobile-compatible manner. But back then, mobile was still a relative blip; now mobile has fully gained traction – though not everyone has kept pace (even MyShingle is not mobile optimized yet).

This week’s New York Times’ You’re the Boss column features a great piece on mobile optimization and its importance. One interesting factoid from the article: more than half of purchases occur within an hour of an initial mobile search. Although that’s likely more true for restaurants or product purchases, even if consumers don’t necessarily purchase legal services right after making a search, the fact remains that many of those searches are taking place on mobile devices.

For that reason, an optimized mobile site is important – meaning that images and text should reformat should resize to fit the size of the screen that they’re on.  Here’s a good example of how it should look.  The rise of mobile also accounts for the increased popularity of one page design that allows users to scroll through easily for content on the desktop or mobile phone.

The Times article cites a couple of DIY products like Weebly or Wix that offer responsive design templates, as do other sites like Theme Forest that sell templates that you or a developer can install.  If you are hiring a developer to create a mobile responsive page, it is important to view the site on desktop, tablet and phone. Not only may you discover that the text runs together on the smaller screen but it may also not align properly on a desktop.

Is your website mobile responsive – and are you planning an upgrade? And what about the legal vendors you use – do they have mobile responsive sites too?  Share your experience in the comments below.