Red Flag Client Bingo!

Clients who forget checkbooks. Or want to bring a case for the principle of the thing. Or who assure you that they’ve got a multi-million dollar, slam dunk claim.  If you’ve practiced law for even three weeks, you’ve probably encountered at least one of these red-flags. Trouble is, starting out, you may not recognize these comments for what they are.

Used to be that the only solace for lawyers who encounter these kinds of prospects is that you eventually outgrow them or you gain the resources to deal with them.  As you practice for a long time, you’ll find that an increasing percentage of your cases will come from referrals from satisfied clients or other lawyers who presumably, won’t send duds your way. Alternatively, if you generate lots of calls via search engines or the internet, you may eventually need to hire a savvy assistant to screen out red flag clients.

How can you spot red-flag clients before they become a drain on your practice? Why not track them the fun way, though a game of Red Flag Client Bingo, created by Vermont lawyer L. Maxwell Taylor.  Taylor’s bingo card includes 42 of the best reasons to send a potential client packing.  And while this is one game of Bingo that you don’t ever want to win, if you do, you’ll find yourself in good company since most lawyers have won at least one round at some point in their career.

Red Flag Intake Sheet BINGO

Have you won at this Bingo game? Are there other red flags you’d add to the card, or spaces that you don’t agree with? Chime in with your comments below.