Tips For Solo Lawyers, Courtesy of Our Freelance Cousins

In many respects, we solo and small firm lawyers have more in common with freelancers than the big firm attorneys who set the bar associations’ agendas. Frequently, when foraging for blog fodder, I find the advice, tips and trends covered at freelance or tech start-up sites are more compelling and relevant than what’s available at more lawyer-centric sites.

So today, I’m highlighting two articles aimed at freelancers but that contain valuable advice for solos. The first, 53 Freelancing Mistakes That Are Costing You Clients, Cash and Credibility by Samar Owais for Copyblogger contains a comprehensive list of everything that freelancers – and solos – do wrong and that hurts their bottom line. Moreover, because solos, like freelancers, are often so busy juggling a dozen different matters, we often don’t notice the pattern – not making a sale, clients abruptly departing or refusing to pay – until it’s too late. Take a look at the article, and see whether you’re making any of these mistakes and take Owais’ advice on how to correct them.

The second article, 16 Ways Freelancers Can Help One Another  at Freelancers’ Union Blog is equally relevant for solos. There are lots of ways that we solos and smalls can support each other and ensure the sustainability of solo practice – by mentoring colleagues, referring cases to other solos (at least when doing so makes sense and encouraging and supporting other solos.  As I’ve written previously, rooting for Team Solo  to succeed helps all solos in the long run.

What are some of your favorite freelance, start-up or non-lawyer centric blogs that have helped you in your practice? Please post them to the comments below.

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