The Busy Week

For the first time in a very long time, I went a full week without posting at MyShingle. Needless to say, last week was busy – but here are some of the highlights:

I had my fifteen seconds of fame (quite literally) in this appearance on The Daily Show, which grew out of this pun-filled post  in my Above the Law column that dealt with legal protection subscription plans for gun owners.

I had an oral argument at the D.C. Circuit in one of my landowner rights that has gone on now for two years, with a preliminarily hopeful write-up here. I prepared like mad because I always do, but the prospect of a packed courtroom (my clients’ case has drawn widespread support, so at least 100 people turned out for the oral argument) and the recording of my argument posted online at the D.C. Circuit site ( here for all to hear) gave added incentive.

Helping my soon-to-be graduating senior with a bit of last-minute shopping for prom, which was this past weekend.

The next few weeks promise to be busy as well, but I don’t expect another week-long gap – and hope to have some guest posts lined up for the next time that happens.

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