Smokeball Ai

Announcing Smokeball Ai – Activity Intelligence for Solo & Small Law Firms

We don’t do it often, but today, MyShingle is offering this sponsored post by Smokeball. The sponsored post met our stringent criterion. First, I had an opportunity to view Smokeball product demos at the site, and try it out myself at a demo by Smokeball’s very hands-on VP, Chelsey Lambert. What’s neat about Smokeball – or at least the demo of the real estate tools that I saw – is that it incorporates and automates court documents. Because Smokeball automates the types of administrative filings that many court demand, it’s useful to solos and smalls by freeing them up to focus on substantive matters. Sponsored posts, ads and occasional programs and products (stay tuned) are MyShingle’s sole source of revenue so we’ve chosen to offer them from reputable companies with useful products that are out of beta. Our ads are managed through the Lawyerist  network so click here or contact Aaron Street  for additional information about sponsorship opportunities.

We have all been there. You get to the end of a busy week, and you have absolutely no idea how you spent your time. Or perhaps you are an attorney who has a time keeping system in place, like a timer on your desk, watching the clock, manual entry software, or even taking screenshots of your work. Whatever the case may be, let’s face it, the method you currently use to keep track of your time is like a second job that causes additional stress and frustration.

Introducing Smokeball Ai

Smokeball Activity Intelligence, also known as Smokeball Ai, is the next generation of activity tracking. Smokeball Ai completely changes how attorneys track, record and view time. By fully integrating with the two tools legal professionals use most; word processing and email. Each document you create, email you send, task marked completed, meeting held, and phone call taken will be automatically logged for you—freeing you from the administrative work so you can actually focus on practicing.

How does it work?  

Smokeball Ai captures only what’s relevant to a case or file. That means that you don’t waste time tracking time or sifting through time reports that you, in all honesty, don’t have time for. What makes Smokeball Ai more powerful than any other time tracking option is our integration with Word and Outlook. Smokeball Ai will keep track of how much time you spend adjusting or preparing documents in Word, and sending emails though Outlook.

When you are ready to bill your clients, simply export the recorded activities report from Smokeball Ai into an excel document. Each action you have spent time on in Smokeball is weighted by how much time is required to complete it.  Once your data is exported into Excel, simply upload it into a billing software like QuickBooks, or an invoicing tool of your choice to complete the billing process.

By uniting the tools that rule your day—word processing, email, and calendars—you can finally tame the chaos of traditional time recording and altogether simplify your work process. Plus, with the flexibility to add activities outside your normal routine, you can keep working, confident that every detail is seamlessly recorded along the way.

Smokeball Ai

Why you need Smokeball Ai

Time tracking is frankly a waste of time. We know you have more important things to focus on throughout your day than remembering how much time you spent managing your inbox. Because Smokeball Ai automatically manages your emails, document versions, tasks, and events, it is uniquely able to deliver this new functionality in a way that requires no extra work or tracking by your firm.

Make your practice thrive with Smokeball and get back to work with the confidence that you haven’t missed a minute of your day.

The clock is ticking! Get started with Smokeball Ai today by giving the Smokeball team a call at (855) 668-3206 to schedule your personal demonstration.