[Sponsored] In The Land Of Legal Make-Believe

In a far off land of legal make-believe where lines of clients wait eagerly. Where solo attorneys can choose their faves and happy clients give them all the raves. Where cases won tally up to the sky and notoriety is at an all time high. Our solo attorney’s expertise is unrivaled in her chosen niche and hourly rate, expenses, and such are almost never challenged much.

In this land of attorney bliss her solo practice is never remiss. She works hard to finish the case and presses matters at a blistering pace. easy-pay-myshingle-attorney-magic2-1-pdf-2Her briefs and files are never blurry to the delight of clerk and judge and jury. Her arguments tight, convincing, and pert persuading the most doubtful minds to convert.  

She feverishly works from day to day never taking a single notice of pay. In fact, and confidently she chortles with ease, “I’m not worried, I’ll bill when I please!” So time goes by and cases fly and billing will get done by and by. Clients never take two looks at the fees and hours she books. They’re eager to pay and come back again in this legal make-believe land. So they pay their bills the moment received because the outcome was so brilliantly achieved.

If you too live in this land of legal make-believe, you can be sure your money to receive. BUT, if you live in the world of the now and now where clients are few and cases rarely ‘wow!’. If you slave through the day to earn a well deserved pay. If you do good work and bill on time expecting clients to pay you the dime. If you expected a break but your clients take, take, take. If you’re tired of working and billing and chasing only to be told that your billing is waiting. Then do something different, shake off the chains, take control of the payments, don’t suffer the pains.

How do we do it, this legal make-believe, collecting on billing, on-time money receive? ‘Clients don’t pay, they only argue’ you say, ‘I work and I work, I bill and I bill, only to have them abuse my goodwill.’ Client abuse is not our forte but we can certainly make sure they pay. We’ve taken a look at the attorney dilemma and developed an answer that’s sure to deliver.

easy-pay-myshingle-image-attorney-magic-2It’s simple, it’s sweet, it’s quick and complete this new application for invoice collection. A name for yourself, a name for your business, an address for mail, and a professional license – if you have all of these you may sign up with ease. Two minutes to sign, two minutes till paid, check us out today and you’ve got it made.

The magic is simple, it’s used everyday by businesses like yours who like to get paid. We’ve been helping physicians, professionals, hotels and more solve past due payment challenges galore. We’ll get you paid as quick as can be and prevent future past dues with EasyPayJD.  

Smart lawyers who don’t pretend, who bill promptly upon matters end, can trust in the simple but powerful cure to put an end to late payments for sure. We’re new on your block but not new in town, for twenty years we’ve been around. It’s oh so real and not make-believe, three simple steps to money receive. Solo attorneys can get paid right away, visit us here and sign up today – easypayjd.com!