Everybody’s Doing a Brand New Brand Now: Do the LogoMotion!

Remember the song Locomotion — that catchy tune about a “brand new dance” that resurfaces every few decades as a cover? The tune came to mind as I was scoping out some of the newer online logo makers – where you can DIY a logo for free or cheap. So how about a doing a logo-motion to build your brand?  Here are some of the options:

LogoJoy – Cool site, very easy to use, tons of font and color options with ability to change and manipulate designs. Logos can be made for free, but they cost a minimum of $20 to purchase.

Whithoomph – Very easy to use with logos starting at $20, but the final product is meh and not very inspiring.

Hipster Logo Generator – Logos are free, but limited to starting with a base shape. A little harder to manipulate than some of the other programs, but a .png version of the logo is available free.

Logo Foundry – an app – lots of customizability, but need to pay to unlock the best features.

Look – this isn’t custom design. But frankly, some of the sites produce just as nice a product as a cheap designer on e-lancer or 99 Designs. Plus, you can use one of these logo generators to develop a concept – and have a designer take it from there.

So – are you ready to build your brand with some Logo-motion?