Make Money Mondays: Ask A Beautiful Question….

Content marketing is all the rage – but there are so many ways to attract and engage readers besides producing content on blog platforms like these, video or now over-used infographics.

For example, you could test or entertain readers with quizzes and assessment tests. You don’t need a fancy system to set up a quiz – I created a sample quiz on Buzzfeed entitled What Kind of a Solo Are You?.

Now, I’ve discovered an even more elegant tool for creating surveys and polls-Typeform . Typeform is free to use, and it allows users to customize test questions and even employ if then logic (i.e., users can be directed to another question depending on the preceding answer). You can also use Typeform to collect ratings from clients (there’s a built-in star system) or to register folks for events and collect payments. Typeform also offers a sleek interface for users. Surveys can be cumbersome, but going through a Typeform survey is relatively pain-free.

As these out of the box tools gain sophistication, will they replace legal-specific tools like Neota Logic less relevant? Five years ago, I longed for Neota to expand into legal, but with Typeform and even Buzzfeed, I can mimic simple versions of Neota out of the box and free.

Want to test-drive Typeform? Check out my quick, once minute survey, entitled How Do Lawyers Use Social Media . I’ll share the results if we get enough responses.

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