PowerHour No. 2: Seasonal Business Cards

’Tis the season for seasonal marketing . For the twentieth year running, Starbucks will feature holiday-themed coffee cups which debuted in early November . Other brands similarly gussy up packaging  for the holidays. So why don’t lawyers?

I’m not suggesting that lawyers don holiday clothing – like  garish Christmas sweaters  or festive jewelry . That wouldn’t go over well in court. But in an hour or less, lawyers could create seasonal business cards to distribute during this “most wonderful time of the year.”

So what is a seasonal business card? Essentially, it’s standard business card – like the ones here  but with a holiday theme.  You could even include an inspirational or heartwarming quote on the back, or a coupon for free cup of coffee or consult. I liked my idea so much that I tossed a seasonal holiday card together myself.

Seasonal business cards make sense on so many levels that I’m surprised that I’ve never encountered one. First and most importantly, they provide basic contact information – at a minimum, phone and email so that others can get in touch with you. Second, they stand out. As you make dutifully make the rounds at holiday parties and cocktail hours, you’re likely to be the only lawyer in the room dispensing festive business cards. Third, seasonal business cards are party-appropriate: often, folks are hesitant to talk shop or make connections at holiday gatherings but the seasonal business card allows you to do so without playing the heavy. Fourth, seasonal business cards get your greetings to nearby clients and colleagues directly.  Really, does it make sense to mail holiday cards to your colleagues across town whom you’ll surely run into at the local bar association’s annual gala? With a seasonal business card, you can share that holiday cheer directly. Fifth, seasonal business cards are cheaper than standard holiday cards.

Creating a seasonal business card in an hour is easy and affordable. Because seasonal business cards are temporary, there’s no need to invest in high quality paper or engraving. I chose my cards from Vistaprint’s  metallic collection for a price of $28.00 for a 100 or just 28 cents per card. But there are plenty of other online options, including Moo  and OvernightPrints.com. You can also upload your law firm logo or a photo of your office decked out in seasonal splendor.

Although seasonal business cards only require an hour to create, you’ll want to place your order soon so you can receive your cards in time for the 2017 Holiday Season. Let the festivities begin!

Tomorrow’s PowerHour No. 3 is Asking for Testimonials.

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