FREE WEBINAR: 41 Legal Practice Areas That Didn’t Exist 15 Years Ago

The power of the lawyer lies in the uncertainty of the law. — Jeremy Bentham

Many industry observers predict that technology advancements like document automation and data analytics and AI and chatbots will eventually replace most lawyers. And even those with a more sanguine vision anticipate that technology will make it easier for lawyers to process more cases mill-style or run their firms on auto-pilot with minimal effort.

But that’s only one part of how technology impacts law. On the flip side, technologic – along with economic and social forces – often give rise to new and unanticipated questions.  And that’s the sweet spot for lawyers whose “power lies in the uncertainty of the law” as Jeremy Betham once said.

That’s why in today’s world, it’s just as important for lawyers to understand where the law is going as much as where it’s been.  To help equip lawyers for the future, I authored the ebook 41 Practice Areas That Didn’t Exist 15 Years Ago. Each Practice Area Profile defines what the practice area is, why it’s important (including the value of the market) and key legal developments.  The book is available for purchase, but I’ve also decided to host a FREE Webinar to discuss the results of my research and offer an overview of these practice areas.

Who can benefit from this webinar?

  • Law students interested in staking claim to a new area where they can become experts;
  • Law professors who seek a broad view of future of law issues;
  • Lawyers in conventional practice areas like divorce law or estate planning now impacted by changes like social media and the legalization of gay marriage and cryptocurrency;
  • Solo and small firm attorneys tired of cutting costs to compete with LegalZoom who are looking for growing practice areas where they can profit and make precedent;
  • Law firm marketing directors and coaches who work with attorneys to identify new markets and
  • Accountants, business consultants and financial analysts who evaluate the impact of legal uncertainty on markets.

To register for the webinar which is scheduled for August 30 at 7 pm ET, click here.  To purchase a copy of 41 Practice Areas or view the Table of Contents and sample chapter, click here.