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Back in 2009, I represented my first group of landowner clients challenging an interstate natural gas pipeline that crossed their property.  After a decade or more of representing corporate and municipal clients in complicated but non-personal energy regulatory proceedings, I was invigorated by the challenge of defending real people against a multi-billion dollar gas company and pleasantly surprised that I was able to pull out a precedent-setting result right out of the gate.

I knew that I wanted to help more landowners and improve the broken process that my first set of clients endured.  But I wasn’t sure how to find those clients.  As an experienced blogger, I knew that it could take dozens of posts and at least a year before a blog would gain traction through organic search. Yet I didn’t have the cash for SEO.

I was ready to give up on pursuing this new practice area, but before I put it to bed, I decided to summarize what I’d learned on the off chance that a similar case might come along.  After I was done, I realized that with a few tweaks, I could share the final product with the public as an e-book.

My ebook broke all the rules of legal marketing:

  • The ebook was written by a lawyer and not a professional copywriter.
  • The ebook targeted consumers but it was over 50 pages and linked to case law, statutes and regulations.
  • The ebook was produced as a clumsy homemade PDF document rather than a slick graphic designed piece of art.
  • The ebook was available for download without registration.
  • I did not actively promote the ebook but allowed it to circulate by word of mouth.
  • The ebook contained DIY forms so that clients would not need to hire me.

But despite all my mistakes, my ebook went on to generate SEVEN FIGURES in business for my firm since its publication in 2010 – a not-too-shabby return considering that I didn’t spend a dime on the ebook and landowner work accounts for only one portion of my firm’s overall workload and revenues. Equally gratifying, my ebook empowered thousands of landowners and in so doing, helped to reform the process that I could not correct for the first group of clients that I represented.

If you’re interested in learning the details of how I created my ebook, please join me for a FREE Webinar scheduled for Thursday, September 6, 2018 at 1 pm ET.  If you like what you hear during the webinar, you’ll have an opportunity to register for an online program or in-person intensive to create your own Seven Figure Ebook under my guidance.

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