$10 Million Dollar eBook

Although I created an eBook to grow a small practice, ebooks work equally well for large firms. Case in point: a  recent blog post by Professor Bill Henderson which described the experience of Chapman and Cutler, a large but innovative national firm. Back in 2013, when the issues of marketplace lending (i.e., lending by non-bank institutions) was hardly a glint in any lawyer’s eye, two Chapman and Cutler attorneys decided to write a white paper on the Regulation of Marketplace Lending. Given the complexity and emergent nature of the subject-matter, the first draft took several hundred hours to draft and write – but the effort paid off to the tune of $10 million + in business to the firm.

In my upcoming eBook BootCamp, we’ll spend seven hours, not seven weeks drafting the ebook – so it won’t be quite as comprehensive as the Chapman and Cutler paper. Even so, it will still generate a healthy dose of income for your practice.

So register for 7-Figure eBook LIVE (or remote) on November 16, 2018 – time is running out.