Yesterday, I launched my 7-Figure Ebook Bootcamp –  live program to be held in Washington D.C. on November 16, 2018 where you give me 7 hours, and you’ll leave with an ebook that will drive 7 figures of revenue to your law practice and have enough content to sustain your marketing efforts through 2019.

With so many marketing programs out there, why register for 7-Figure Ebook? Because this class will get the job done. You will carve one day out of your schedule, do a couple of preliminary exercises and write the ebook on the spot, along with a step by step marketing plan.  And there’s a special bonus: you’ll also get a mini-profile featured at MyShingle which will give your ebook an added boost of visibility.

The cost of the live program is $499 – which is comparable to what a marketing firm would charge you for a month of content. (note: payment plan is available). At 7-Figure Ebook, you will create enough content to last a year. Plus, 7-Figure Ebook is a proven program – I’ve used content to build my practice on multiple occasions and I can help you do the same.

To register for 7-Figure Ebook, click here. In addition to the LIVE session, you can also participate remotely or register for the independent correspondence course. Hope to see you in the program!