It’s been a busy couple of months here at MyShingle. Last month, I was interviewed on two podcasts: Gen Y Lawyer  and The Law Entrepreneur . These are both excellent and longstanding podcasts – some of the first in the legal industry to focus on law as a business and alternative legal career paths and I was honored to have been interviewed on both. Check them out!

In an effort to diversify content delivery, I’ve also created two bi-monthly newsletters that focus on issues that I’m passionate about and that play an important role in building sustainable law practices that will survive into the next generation and beyond. The first newsletter,

The Special-law-zation Newsletter – for Niche-piration focuses on interesting niche practices, as well as issues relevant to growing and marketing a niche. For example, the most recent issue discusses Google’s changing search engine rules for niche topics. If you want to start a niche practice, rather than just read about it, you can sign up for my SPOTLIGHT Program, which is running for $297 through the end of the year – register here.

The second newsletter, Law Uninvented discusses emerging practice areas. It’s a topic dear to my heart since I built my practice on cases of first impression – and it’s a great way to leave a legacy in the law. For attorneys just starting out, new practice areas can give them an edge that they can carry with them for the duration of their careers. You can also purchase the 166-page guide to new practice areas here.

We’ll be rolling out more services and products before year’s end so stay tuned. And if you have any kind of event you’d like us to sponsor or ideas for future products, drop me a line at