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Make Money Monday: Show Off Your Clients & Colleagues

For decades, the imaginary Christmastime world of Santa and elves and the North Pole settles into a real-time home in the acclaimed Macy’s Department Store’s annual Holiday Window Display.  But in true 21-st century fashion, this year, Macy’s will play IRL host to another type of ethereal universe that exists only online:  Facebook. According to Engadget , Facebook will bring 100 digital-native brands and small businesses that found success on Facebook and Instagram to physical pop-up shops that will open at nine Macy’s stores in time for the start of the holiday shopping season.

The venture is a win-win for both brands. By celebrating its most successful small business users, Facebook inspires other small businesses to invest their marketing dollars on Facebook, while introducing them to offline buyers accustomed to brick-and-mortar shopping. Macy’s benefits from the deal as well – since the pop-ups could increase visibility for Macy’s adoption of new tech tools like mobile checkout and virtual reality that would be popular with online buyers.

The Facebook pop-up store concept also got me thinking that maybe lawyers could benefit from this concept. For example, lawyers who represent small businesses could feature the companies’ products in a holiday gift guide that the firm could include in its December email or on its Facebook page. Listing products sold by clients (with appropriate consent) is a great way for firms to demonstrate client loyalty and celebrate clients’ success while at the same time showing off your firm’s support for the business community.  And even if your firm doesn’t represent business owners, you probably work with other attorneys, professionals, and consultants who certainly wouldn’t mind a shout-out at your Facebook page or in your newsletter.

So why not take a page out of Facebook’s game plan and show some love for the clients who helped you and your firm grow to where you are today?