Make Money Mondays: Take the Time to Say Thank You

Many years ago, one of the partners from my former law firm referred me a case and to thank him, I treated him to lunch – albeit six months later. As we finished up our meal, I apologized for my delay in showing my appreciation, to which the partner remarked that I was the first person who’d ever bought him lunch to thank him for a referral. 

As it turned out, that lunch was worth the money – not just because I’d gotten the case, but for the lesson that I’d learned: that not many lawyers say thank you so it can be a great way to stand out and encourage future business.

Lunch is one way to say thank you – but there are plenty of others. A handwritten note – or even a warm email – is always appreciated and can work for those situations where someone has sent a case even if it didn’t pan out.  If you’re not sure what to say, here are five sample small business thank you letters that you can adapt for your purposes.

Other gifts include edibles such as these which can be directly ordered from Amazon, or check out some of these unique ideas which include Sugarwish – a pick you own candy box and Packed With Purpose – collections of goods from socially responsible companies. Finally, there are all kinds of gift cards from Starbucks to Amazon to Visa or Amex.

Thank you’s don’t have to be grand gestures to make someone’s day – and make them want to send business your way again.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock