Make Money Mondays: Make A Choice To Employ Voice

Last week, I gifted my 81-year old mom an Alexa Echo  and set up the app for her before returning home. My mom is not what you’d call a tech-savvy octogenarian: to the contrary, she calls me several times a week to check the weather on my computer or look up a doctor online because she doesn’t have the ability to do it. Tired of playing personal secretary, I installed Alexa instead. 

But my experience got me to thinking: how many people today rely heavily on voice devices for search? Not just younger people who’ve grown up with computers but also much older ones like my mom who were always more comfortable with calling 411 for information than running a computer search.  I posted about how devices like Alexa may  change search  but lawyers still seem slow adapt.   

But now might be the right time for lawyers to revisit voice technology to gain a first mover advantage. This recent  Harvard Business Journal article  offers a bunch of ideas on how voice technologies may be adapted in different industries. Take a look at the article since it may inspire ways to use voice applications in your practice and help you you capture clients you never expected.