A Special Webinar: Make 2020 The Year You Start

The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I found the courage to start.

John Bingham

As the saying goes, hindsight is 20-20.  Which makes 2020 the ideal time to start your law firm – because you’ll have no regrets. What I mean is, that in one or three or five years or a decade from now, you won’t look back and say that “In hindsight, I regret not having taken the risk and just started” because hindsight is right now.  

Of course, even with a new decade on the horizon, starting your own law firm at any stage of your career can be a terrifying and downright risky decision.  Always has been, always will be. That’s the nature of life itself.  And while you can minimize risk with practice management tools and free tech resources and training classes galore, none of those tools will motivate you to make the leap unless you find the courage to start.

And that’s what I plan to do in a special upcoming webinar scheduled for 3 pm ET on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2019 – help you find the courage to start. We’ll talk about topics like:

  • The transformative power of ownership: Why you don’t need more legal experience or more gravitas, or before starting a firm because the very act of ownership will transform you into the person you need to be; 
  • Learning to love life on the wire:  How you can start a firm with no clients, no money and no safety net without being perpetually terrified;
  • Crushing the cookie cutter:  Why you shouldn’t try to conform your law firm to someone else’s mold  or vision and waste what is most valuable about starting: putting something out into the world that’s never been done before because it was never done by you.
  • The Hocus, Pocus of Focus:  Succeeding in a law practice isn’t only about hard work. There’s an element of magic – magic that flows from your passion for the work that you do.

I know that most of you won’t believe that mindset can play such a key role in starting a firm – and no doubt, you’ll have many questions about the administrivia of getting started.  At the end of the webinar, I’m happy to answer any questions that you may have about getting started – and I’ll be announcing MyShingle’s inaugural NationalLaunchaLawFirmMonth (NaLaLawFiMo) (modeled on NaNoWriMo ) which opens January 13, 2020.

To register for the webinar scheduled for December 20, 2019 at 3 pm ET click here. When you register, you have the option of including any burning questions you may have about starting a firm, or a comment on a topic you’d like me to cover in the webinar.  (Note – you can register with a first name only; last name optional). Webinar seating is limited, so sign up soon.  For those who can’t make it, a recording will also be available.